‘Baked potato’ makes it into an award show

‘Baked potato’ makes it into an award show

On Monday, the “Baked Potato” award show was presented to a small group of award-winning chefs.

For two days, some of the most talented cooks in the country gathered for an event that was part art show, part cooking competition and part culinary celebration of all things fried.

For the past six years, the event has been a staple in Washington, D.C., and the city is the home of the “baked potato,” a popular dish with a decidedly regional flavor.

At the event, guests would eat a variety of fried foods, but the standout item was a piece of grilled cornbread.

The recipe was a combination of “tuna salad, mashed potatoes and cornbread,” said Amy DeBry, one of the event’s judges.

“You can taste the sweet potato, the crispiness of the cornbread, and the corn kernels,” she said.

DeBcy said she was honored to serve on the show as a judge, because she has been working in the restaurant industry for nearly two decades.

The cornbread was served on a piece a fresh corn cob with a sweet potato and cornmeal coating, which she said was one of her favorites in the food industry.

“It’s not easy to find the perfect cornbread that’s crispy and sweet, and this is it,” she added.

DeBoer said she would like to see the “bread” make it into a cookbook and make it more accessible to more chefs.

The show’s hosts, along with chefs from around the country, were able to showcase their creations in a wide range of styles and budgets.

The awards were given out at the “Crazy Chicken” restaurant, a popular venue in the area.

“The Crazy Chicken is like a cross between a sushi bar and a Japanese restaurant,” said John Pfeiffer, one the judges.

He said he enjoys his fried chicken.

“I always like to take it to a joint, but I’ve also enjoyed other fried chicken dishes like bacon fried chicken,” he said.

“There’s a lot of good stuff on the menu, and that’s a great opportunity to have a chance to showcase the good stuff.”

Pfeiffs “Crazed Chicken” location, on the ground floor of the hotel, was a highlight for DeBoers and DeBries.

Pfeifer and DeBoerchen both had an experience similar to that of their competitors.

Pferders “Crock Pot” dish, which is made with a variety (including shrimp, green beans, and rice) was the winner of the awards ceremony, with DeB’s “Creamy Chicken” winning the best chicken dish.

The dish also won an “Awards for Excellence” award.

The judges also included DeBs “Fried Chicken,” “Frosted Chicken,” and “Strawberry Shortcake.”

“I like my fried chicken crispy, and my strawberry shortcake sweet,” DeBoerr said.

She added that she enjoys her “Crave Doughnuts,” which are made with cornbread in place of the traditional doughnuts.

De Boer said that her favorite fried dish is her “Mellow Mushroom” with mushrooms and cheese.

De Bry said her favorite dish is “Mushroom Biscuit.”

She said that she has a lot in common with her fellow judges: “We all love our food, and we all love to eat our food.”

DeBrie, DeBrock, DeBoerman, and DeSorey also participated in the awards show.

The winner of “Bake My Baked Potato,” a dish from the event and one of several items in the show, was Chef Paul Sargent of the Washington Post restaurant in Annandale, Maryland.

The “Bakers Cup” award was given to “Taste of Washington” magazine, which created a special tasting menu for the event.

In addition to the show’s judges, the chefs featured on the program included: The event was sponsored by The Washington Post and The Washington Restaurant Association.

The chefs also presented the judges with a copy of their cookbooks.

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