How to make your own ‘green tea’ at home

How to make your own ‘green tea’ at home

As a correctional officer, Jackie Greene was the first to understand that a tea can be a powerful medicine.

She began growing green tea to help relieve the mental and physical stress of being a prisoner.

But in 2007, Greene was diagnosed with a form of cancer, and her life began to unravel.

Now, in 2016, she’s trying to make green tea at home.

“I’ve been making green tea for over a year now,” Greene said.

“The only thing I miss is having the green tea in the morning.”

To help make her green tea, Greene is using her favorite tea from China: green tea millet.

“Green tea is a really important part of my diet because I can’t have sugar or coffee,” she said.

She started making tea at her home, where she shares a small kitchen with two other inmates.

Greene uses a pot and a spoon to make her tea.

When she’s not at work, Greene works as a nurse in a correctional facility in Ohio.

She says she’s been able to reduce the number of days she has to spend in prison by 15 percent.

“It’s a lot of hard work, but it’s also a lot more fun,” she added.

Greene’s green tea is made with green tea leaf and a mix of water and sugar.

It has a strong aroma, and she also uses tea leaves that she says smell like a lotus flower.

The tea is brewed in a pot, but when she’s at home, she’ll boil it in a mug, which she makes herself.

Greene says she loves making tea for her family and friends, and it’s an important part in her everyday life.

“If I had to do it over again, I wouldn’t even have made it.

I love this tea and I’m going to keep making it,” Greene explained.

After Greene started making her tea, she started to find other people who also wanted to make it.

And she found her way into the prison kitchen, where the green teas became a regular part of the meals she prepares.

“It was pretty easy for me to find the recipe, but I didn’t really know how to make a lotion,” Greene added.

One of the ingredients in her tea is ginger, and Greene uses it to flavor her tea and make her millet tea.

When she makes her tea in prison, Greene says it’s a great way to get rid of her hair and give her a fresh, youthful look.

“There are people in prison who look so old, they’re wearing gray and they’re bald.

I don’t want them to look like that,” she explained.


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