Why the GOP has lost the House in 2018

Why the GOP has lost the House in 2018

The Democratic Party is the party of the people.

The GOP has a majority of the seats.

It’s a party of privilege, of privilege.

The Republican Party is a party that seeks to use the privileges it has gained from its dominance of the economy, the military and the financial sector to enrich itself.

And, at times, it has sought to use those privileges to promote the interests of its donors, corporations and donors at the expense of the majority of Americans.

This election cycle has proven that the GOP’s power, and the GOP party itself, is being challenged, and that it is not a monolith, that it has many competing voices and ideologies.

The Republicans have not always been as unified as they claim to be, and many have left the party.

But, in the past few years, the party has found new ways to divide and to delegitimise the Democratic Party.

Its most egregious attempt to undermine the party came in the form of an “invisible primary” in which its members and candidates were invited to nominate candidates who were backed by large corporations and wealthy donors.

This was followed by a “debate” in 2018 between Trump and Sanders.

The Democrats have now been left with no choice but to turn to a new, less divisive tactic to divide the party: an ad campaign.

While this tactic was initially touted as an effort to give the American people an opportunity to hear the candidates of their choice, the results have proven to be disastrous for the Democratic party.

As the US has seen the rise of populism in Europe and the Middle East, the Republican Party’s attempts to delegitimate the Democrats are only adding to the party’s disunity.

And this is all the more troubling given that the Democratic presidential nominee, Hillary Clinton, is widely viewed as a more centrist candidate than her Republican opponent.

While Trump and the Republicans are the obvious targets of the Democratic ad campaign, the Democratic candidate is also in danger of being accused of playing politics.

The Democratic party has not always had a clear and coherent position on issues of national security and the economy.

In fact, there has been much debate over what policies and actions the party should take.

This has included a long-standing position that the US should not be the first nation in the world to engage in war.

This position was challenged in recent years by Bernie Sanders, who supported a more aggressive military policy.

This led the Democratic National Committee to call for a “transition away from a ‘war on terror’ to a ‘peace-oriented global strategy’.” And it was a position that many Democrats, including many leading figures in the party, were willing to endorse.

But this was only the beginning.

As it has become clear that the party is no longer a monolithic force in the US, the Republicans have been attempting to take advantage of the situation.

As US President Donald Trump said, in an interview with CNN in February, “I’ve seen the Republican party become more and more divided”.

A recent poll found that 52% of Americans have a positive view of the Republican president, but that figure drops to 35% if the question is asked about Hillary Clinton.

Many Republicans have suggested that the reason for this is because they want a president who can actually implement their policies.

This is true to a degree.

Many Republican lawmakers and commentators have made clear that they do not think that the policies of their party are actually working.

For example, Senator Ted Cruz has said, “When I was in congress, the most I did was work with the Democrats.

I tried to do everything they wanted me to do.”

Senator Mike Lee, another Republican senator from Utah, said, “[The Democrats] were always fighting the wars, we were always talking about wars, and then we got into Iraq.

They’re not going to talk about that now.”

Senator Ted Deutch, another prominent Republican senator, has also recently said that “if we lose the White House, I don’t think we will have a Republican administration, because there will be no Republican in the White [House].

It’s time for a Republican [President].

I will tell you that.”

And Representative David Jolly, a Republican representative from Florida, has said that “[I]f I am the nominee, I will fight for every American.”

The Republican party has now become more polarized, less cohesive and less unified than at any time in US history.

This may have something to do with the fact that Trump and his Republican Party have become more polarised than they were before.

But there is also a deeper explanation.

When the US was founded in 1789, it was founded on the principle of American exceptionalism.

It was not a party to be bullied, and it was not to be dominated by the interests and agendas of other nations.

The US was created in the interest of the US people.

It had a unique opportunity to shape the world and the future of its own country.

Its founders believed that the American dream could be realised if all Americans worked


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